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Welcome to PyroSequencing website. This website hosts CAGE Microbiome Analysis Database and Analysis Tools
CAGE Microbiome Analysis Database stores experiment information such as ExperimentCodes, SampleIDs, SampleTypes, PrimerSets, Barcodes, Cohorts, Treatments, etc.
Analysis Tools are taxonomy-based and phylogeny-based analyses. Both analyses use CAGE cleaned data as input. "CAGE Cleaned data" is the raw data from 454 pyrosequencing machine processed through the quality filter then categorized into files by barcodes. All CAGE cleaned sequences have valid forward primers, barcodes and meet you-picked criteria: number of Ns, Minimum Sequence Length, Maximum Sequence Length, and Average Quality Score.
Client users, please use CAGE provided username and password to login.
To see sample sequences shared by other users and experience the database functionality, use this login: guest/anonymous
G10 of the B6 X HR advanced intercross data:

Links to processed genotype and microbiota phenotype data for G10 of the B6 X HR advanced intercross are found below. Raw 16S microbiota data and IgA data is available by login to the database using the “guest” login and “anonymous” password. Raw microbiota data has the experiment code F10-Day1 and raw IgA data has the experiment codes IGA, IGA-redo, and IGA-redo2. Full instructions for using the database are found below in the linked .pdf file and a linked video.