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A next-generation sequencing facility


The Roche-454 GS-FLX Pyrosequencer

Roche-454 GS-FLX Pyrosequencer

Bead images from four different regions of a picotitre plate on the GS-FLX machine (left).
Zoomed image of the bead deposition regions on the picotitre plate (right).
picotitre PTP plate bead deposition bead deposition on pictotitre PTP plate

From left to right, the regions contain increasing Concentrations of template DNA. Corresponding colors are: Green: Sample beads passing the filter; Red: Sample beads failing the filter; Blue: control beads; Purple: beads lacking the key sequence.

Magnetic 96-well DNA purifier from Thermo Scientific:

Robotic DNA extractor Kingfisher

KingFisher 96 is the newest member of the KingFisher magnetic particle processor family. It is designed to automate the time-consuming preparation processes of nucleic acids, proteins and cells in a 96 plate format. This machine enables high throughput sample processing with high quality results and low cost, fast and easy genomic DNA or mRNA purification from a variety of sample material. It has greatly increased our processing capacity, opening up possibilities for large-scale projects with hundreds of samples.

DNA Arrayer: Omnigrid Microarryer

Arrayer microarrays
The OmniGrid is a high performance, multi-axis microarrayer capable of arraying biological samples from standard 96- to 384-well micro-well plates onto a variety of substrates, including glass slides and nylon membranes. The OmniGrid is produced by Gene Machines(San Carlos, CA).

Axon Scanner
Axon microarray scanner
GenePix 4000 is an integrated microarray scanner and image analysis software system for the optical evaluation of microarrays, tissue and cell arrays, and other fluorescent samples. The GenePix 4000 A and B and GenePix Pro hardware and software are manufactured by Axon Instruments (Union City, CA).