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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Core for Applied Genomics and Ecology

454 Sequencing Services and Fees

CAGE Sequencing services


CAGE capabilities can be customized to meet the needs of food, pharmaceutical or probiotic industry (to name just a few) in discovery and assesment of microbial communities. Mapping microbial communities that exist in specific products, processes, or environments can provide the foundation for creating new risk assessment strategies; identifying benefitial or harmful microbial agents; discovering strains etc. Please contact us if you are interested in our applications -- we'll be happy to discuss your project or deliver a detailed presentation of our capabilities.

Massively Parallel Sequencing

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Resequencing
  • Transcriptome Analysis
  • BACs, Fosmids, Metagenomes
  • Amplicons/variant analysis
  • Amplicons/community analysis
  • Titanium and FLX sequencing
    • Titanium or FLX Amplicon sequencing from V1-V3 or V6-V9 regions of rRNA
    • Titanium Shotgun sequencing
High Throughput Genomic DNA Extraction -- Download a printable flier
  • Magnetic bead operation
  • 96-well format
  • Fully automated purification
  • Wide variety of sample material
  • Flexible pricing


Please note: we provide Printed Microarray Services. For Affymetrix-based microarray, please contact the UNL Genomics Core Research Facility website.

  • Labeling and Hybridization -- $170 per sample plus labor charge
  • Printing -- $3000/50 slides (inquire if fewer slides)
  • Scanning analysis -- $25/slide
  • Image Analysis -- $25/slide
  • Staff consultation on experimental design, target labeling and array processing -- $100/hour

CAGE has an oustanding track record in securing federal funding, both as a service provider and as a collaborator. On top of supplying methods text and budget for your application, we can provide experimental design consultations and editorial assistance. Please contact us if you are interested in incorporating any of our applications in your next proposal -- we'll be happy to discuss your project.