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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Core for Applied Genomics and Ecology


Andy Benson Dr. Andrew Benson, CAGE Director

 Sequencing Facility Manager

Dr. Jae Kim

Core Facility Manager


Dr. Fangrui Ma

Post-doctoral Bioinformatics Associate


The Nguyen

Database design, computer and bioinformatics support

Ryan Legge 

Ryan Legge

Student Assistant

  Joseph Nietfeldt, Laboratory Manager, received his BS in Biology and MS in Ecology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He began working in the Laboratory of Dr. Royce Ballinger, School of Biological Sciences, on Population Ecology Reptiles and Amphibians studying environmental and genetic effects on maturity in lizards. In 1989, Joe moved to the Laboratory of Dr James Van Etten in the Department of Plant Pathology where he did research on molecular biology of Algal Viruses and specifically cytoskeleton inhibitors effects on relplication of Algal viruses. He continued to the laboratory of Dr. Martin Dickman, where he studed plant pathogenic fungus by Differential Display analysis, cloning, sequencing, southern blot analysis, northern blot analysis, isolation of proteins by HPLC, and iso-electrial focusing. Since 1996, he has been the Laboratory Supervisor for Dr. Andrew Benson. Here, Joe has done work on molecular biology of Food-Borne Human Pathogens, specifically in population genetics of E. coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes using a wide variety of molecular techniques including Octamer Based Genome Scanning and the use of Arrays.